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Open Podcast API

A new API for podcast synchronization

The Open Podcast API is an initiative aiming to provide a feature-complete synchronization API specification for podcast (web) apps and user-focused servers.

Our goals

For users

  • Synchronize subscriptions, listening progress, favorites, queues, and more
  • Support multiple apps and online services
  • Enable users to easily switch between providers without losing any information

For developers

  • Write clear and comprehensive documentation for features and behaviors
  • Create reliable specifications that are decentralization-ready and easy to implement
  • Provide a full OpenAPI specification

Join us!

The Open Podcast API initiative builds on open source and open standards. Contributors from different projects work together to develop the specifications in the open.

We invite all projects and individuals to join us in developing these specifications. This ensures that we take all perspectives into account and create a set of interoperable specs.

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